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If you need more information about the differences of these two types of account, please refer to the products and pricing information.
Service Verotel BASIC Verotel PREMIUM
Weekly processing requirement None EUR 100 / week
Webcam billing No Yes
Verotel FlexPay No Yes
Multi-currency No Yes
Annual registration fee EUR 500.00
Annual renewal fees will be waived if your transaction volume is at least EUR 100 per week on your renewal date.
Premium merchants should provide 6 months of processing statements to open an account.
Weekly fee No EUR 25 / week
(only if Weekly Volume is less than EUR 1000)
Pricing model Discount rate (% of transaction) Discount rate (% of transaction)
Pricing non-recurring transactions 15,5% Rates depending on volume
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Verotel is an Internet Payment Service Provider based in Amsterdam.

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