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Verotel Basic, Premium and Pro Comparison

Verotel – Trusted since 1998

Verotel’s suite of online billing solutions is perfect for online businesses of any size. Our account offerings are specifically tailored to your specific payment processing needs. From the sole-proprietor with a small website, to larger merchants with portfolios of online properties, our turnkey services will get you up and running quickly. Please review the account types below and select the account type most suited to your business. If and when your business needs change, you can always transition from one account type to another. Please review the chart for all the standard features that are included with all account types!

Verotel BASIC

The Verotel Basic account is perfect for new online businesses or for those that have limited feature requirements. If you are selling subscriptions online and are looking for an easy way to charge your members on a recurring basis, the Basic Account is for you! The Basic Account includes a turn-key subscription management system and Verotel’s affiliate marketing system. We provide free technical setup of your account - you supply the website and the content. The Basic Account carries an annual registration fee of EUR 500* for Visa/MC registration and compliance monitoring. Verotel charges a fixed 15.5% of each transaction. For all other charges, please refer to the price chart below. All accounts have a 10% 6-month rolling reserve.

* Annual renewal fees will be waived if your transaction volume is at least EUR 100 per week on your renewal date.

Weekly volume
Verotel Charge
(credit card)


Verotel Premium offers all the features of a Basic account with the main benefit of lower processing rates for established or high volume merchants. In addition, the Verotel Premium account supports FlexPay giving you the ability to process unique transaction amounts depending on your needs or the type of content provided. A Verotel Premium Account also supports Multi-Currency processing. If you offer your content to a specific geographic market, you can set your pricing in a local currency. Applications for Premium accounts are only available for established or high(er) volume merchants. A minimum weekly gross processing volume of EUR 100 is required. If the weekly volume is less than EUR 1.000, a EUR 25 weekly fee applies. All accounts have a 10% 6-month rolling reserve.

Weekly volume (USD) Verotel Charge
(credit card)
  - 1,000 14.0%
1,001 - 2,000 13.9%
2,001 - 3,000 13.8%
3,001 - 4,000 13.7%
4,001 - 5,000 13.6%
5,001 - 7,000 13.5%
7,001 - 10,000 13.4%
10,001 - 17,500 13.3%
17,501 - 25,000 13.2%
25,001 - 40,000 13.1%
40,001 +   13.0%

Verotel PRO

The Verotel Pro offers larger merchants all the benefits of a Premium account and access to our most competitive processing rates. Additional benefits of a Pro account include your own (merchant) descriptor and an API to integrate your website with our payments platform. The Pro Account carries an annual registration fee of EUR 1,000 which includes Visa and MasterCard registration and compliance monitoring fees.

Weekly volume
Verotel Charge
(credit card)
Contact Sales

Please find below a comparison table for all three accounts:

Accepted merchants Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Payment options Learn more Learn more Learn more
High risk accepted Yes Yes Yes
Weekly processing requirement None

EUR 100 / week
Webcam billing No Yes Yes
Phone and email support for your customers Included Included Included
Affiliate Marketing Included Included Included
NATS4 compatible Yes Yes Yes
Customizable order pages Yes Yes Yes
Verotel FlexPay No Yes Yes
Multi-currency No Yes Yes
Your own descriptor No No Yes
API possible No No Yes
Annual registration fee EUR 500

(annual renewal fees will be waived if your transaction volume is at least EUR 100 per week on your renewal date.)


Premium merchants should provide 6 months of processing statements to open account.

EUR 1000
Chargeback fees No No No
Refund fees No No No
Weekly fee No EUR 25 / week

(only if Weekly Volume is less than EUR 1000)

Pricing model Discount rate
(% of transaction)
Discount rate
(% of transaction)
Discount rate
(% of transaction)
Pricing non-recurring transactions 15.5 % See rates above Depends on volume
Pricing recurring Rate + 1.5% Rate + 1.5% Rate + 1.5%
Check and Direct Debit Billing
Verotel US-Check Billing

Same Verotel Charge as available under credit card processing.

  Verotel Direct Debit EU Billing

Same Verotel Charge as available under credit card processing.

1-900 Billing Europe
Verotel 1-900 Billing Europe transactions


Service Rate  
The enduser starts paying at EUR 0.70 for
each minute (including local sales tax).
Verotel pays USD 0.40 for each minute.  

Rates may vary month by month due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Note:The Verotel 1-900 Billing Service in the United States is discontinued since 01/01/2013. The reason for this
are regulatory changes in the non-mobile phone industry.


The chargeback ratio is the number of charge backs issued in a period of four weeks divided by the total number of transactions in that same period. Verotel merchants do no pay for chargeback fees, although the base processing rate will be affected and adjusted depending on your chargeback percentage.

If the number of transactions in the last four weeks, with a two-week lag period, exceeds 200 transactions, then the chargeback ratio will be calculated. If this ratio is 1.0% or more, a surcharge of 1.5% will apply to the base rate.

Our International support and account management team accurately tracks all transactions and will contact merchants if chargeback ratios are trending too high.


A surcharge of 1.5% applies on all recurring transactions. (This does not apply to the first transaction of a recurring billing subscription.)

Payment type Features Price
US Check US registered merchants USD 2.50
ACH US registered merchants only USD 0.00
International Check Non US registered merchants USD 0.00
Wire / International
Direct Deposit
Wires to an EURO account, with IBAN in EU EUR 7.50
Wires to an USD account USD 30.00
Wires to an British account GBP 15.00
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