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About Verotel

Verotel – Trusted since 1998

Verotel is a leading Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) since 1998 and is specialized in online credit card payment processing for high risk businesses. Servicing over 50.000 online businesses with online payment solutions Verotel understands the risks of online billing.

Verotel is the first high risk payment processor awarded with the official Payment Institute status. Processing all major credit cards and offering a fully PCI compliant solution, Verotel is the most trusted online payment processor in the business. Verotel’s suite of online billing solutions is perfect for online businesses of any size. Our account offerings are specifically tailored to your specific payment processing needs. From the sole proprietor with a small website, to larger merchants with portfolios of online properties, our turnkey services will get you up and running quickly. Please review the products and pricing page for a complete overview.

Flexible billing options

Traditionally, online content is billed by subscriptions. Subscriptions are created when your customer clicks your Join Now button and submits his information for approval. Verotel’s Remote User Manager generates a user name and password for your customer, which is then added to your website.

But next to subscription based billing, Verotel also offers FlexPay. Verotel FlexPay allows you to access a new market of one-time payments, where you can send any amount and any description directly to our order pages from your site. Verotel FlexPay allows you to bill for online content, without the need for a subscription. This method of one-off payment is perfect for cam sites or token-based systems where users can buy pre-paid credit for accessing digital content. FlexPay can also be used to purchase tangible products.

More traffic is more sales

To increase your sales, you need more traffic. Verotel OpenAffiliate is a simple way of generating more traffic and increasing your revenue by having other websites advertise your content. Make your premium content website work even harder for you with Verotel OpenAffiliate. Previous affiliate programs have restrictions on how you can relate to your affiliate, while links always had to go to your home page.

Enhanced traffic conversion

You are in charge to convert all this new traffic to your site to sales. But we help you a bit. With Verotel QuickCharge Verotel allows regular customers to pay with one click of a button.
When your customer enables QuickCharge, Verotel stores their payment details in its secure files. As Verotel is PCI compliant, your customer knows that we operate to the Payment Card Industry’s international data security standards so his information will never be shared with anyone.

Don't wait and join us!

In short, Verotel is a regulated financial institution, a Payment Institute, a MasterCard Payment Facilitator, PCI compliant, founded in 1998 and most important: Verotel never missed a payment. Verotel offers three different product types, flexible payment options, great ways to attract more traffic to your site and ease of use for your customers. Start processing online payments with Verotel and apply for an account now!

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